Cincom's Synchrony Direct Mail "Wave" Campaign

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Why put off until tomorrow what you can have done today?
On-Demand Call Center CRM

You need a customer management solution now, but you don't need the expense, headaches and delay of a prolonged implementation. And what about five or ten years from now, when your needs have grown with your business, and your network and software licenses haven't? On-demand delivery is the answer. In a few short weeks, hit the ground running with a hosted solution.

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Can't decide between a hosted or premise-based CRM solution? Don’t.

With the rapid deployment of on-demand solutions, a seamless migration to a premised-based solution and a range of delivery options in between, you can have the benefits now, and put off the weighty decisions until later — or never. Even better, once you’ve made a decision, you're not locked in. On-demand architecture makes it easy to change your delivery options on-the-fly as your needs demand. Scalability and flexibility in a single call center & CRM solution — the choice is clear!

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Can you imagine, all your disparate enterprise-wide customer information working together? Cincom's Synchrony.

The Synchrony Universal View customer information portal brings your customers right to your desktop, unifying data from existing front-end and back-end systems into a single full-featured application with a 360° view of your customers! Your agents will no longer waste time and attention, jumping between applications, customers will no longer wait with agents apologizing for slowly responding systems. With all the pertinent customer information at hand, agents are empowered to give more relevant responses in less time.

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Do you have enough customer knowledge to make relevant offers to each customer? What if you could?

Synchrony Analytics empowers managers to make informed decisions by turning information derived from customer interactions and transactions into business insight. The easily accessible information in Synchrony's real-time reports, based on multidimensional analysis, allows managers to view, create and export custom reports and access standard reports through a single portal.

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How fast can Cincom implement their award-winning Synchrony in your call center? How fast do you need it?

Would a few days be fast enough? With Synchrony's simple, flexible, low-risk deployment options, you have to be eager to:

  • Increase revenues
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Cost

Call Cincom today to see how we can help you maximize your customer interactions and relationships while saving you time and money.

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