The Longest Journey Begins With A Single Step

Maybe you've been reading about the importance of tracking and measuring your marketing efforts in E-Strategist or in other marketing publications. Perhaps you realize what a great asset such performance metrics would be, but the task of actually implementing policies and procedures designed to produce such metrics seems daunting. Where should you begin? My partner, Steve Tingiris and I are well aware of how overwhelming the task may seem, that's why we've created a tool to get you started, and we are giving it away, free to our readers, use it with our compliments.

LinkTracker™ is an easy to use online tool that will allow you to begin tracking the traffic of specific links on a web site, and best of all, you get to define the links. Doesn't sound that exciting, you say? Well, let me walk you through it, because we think you'll find that when combined with your existing direct marketing, and maybe a little creative testing, you'll find that it is a powerful tool indeed.

Give it a try. Point your browser at and click through on "Sign Up Now" to establish a log on. We only ask a few simple questions, you'll be all logged on in under a minute. You can go ahead and use the link above, and it will launch in a new window. After you are logged on, click on "Add New", then name your campaign, tell us the number you are distributing, and enter a description. After that, just click through on the choices appropriate to your campaign. The important part is when you tell us the link to which you are driving traffic. LinkTracker™ will work its magic on that link and on our servers, and return a new link which is unique to your campaign. You can cut and paste it right from the screen, but there is also an option to have LinkTracker™ send it to you in an e-mail. Just use that unique new link in your campaign, and we'll track all the hits generated, the report them back to you through LinkTracker™ as it updates once an hour. Couldn't be simpler. You'll know exactly how effective your campaign is, and LinkTracker™ does all the heavy lifting for you!

Now that it's so easy to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns using LinkTracker™, you can use it to focus in on campaigns that really work. Try running multiple, mini campaigns using different messages or distributed to different demographic groups, then see which ones get the biggest response rate. With testing like this, you can easily focus your marketing efforts like a laser on the strategies that get results!

Steve and I and the rest of our MarketSmart Technologies staff are so committed to the marketing power of performance metrics, that we created LinkTracker™ as a way to make it simple for you to take the first step. Of course, it doesn't end there. For example, instead of just a cumulative response rate, you might like to know who is responding to your campaigns. We've got a solution for that too. Follow this link to find out more about LeadLens™. Or, call us at 813.555.1234, and let us tell you about it. In the mean time, this is just the first release of LinkTracker™, and we have plans for improvements, so put it to good use, and then let us know what you think. Go on, take the first step to lower marketing costs and greater returns.

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