Color Selections
January 8, 2007

When choosing corporate colors, a very important consideration is how similar they may appear in the various color spaces where the company will need to use them. Computers and the web employ an RGB color model to display colors, while print is commonly done in CMYK. Pantone, or "spot" colors may be used in print when it is desirable to very tightly control a color for accuracy, but use of spot colors is not always possible and ads substantially to the cost -and perhaps delivery time - of print production. On this chart, you can view the proposed Pantone colors next to their CMYK and RGB equivalents. I have also provided the Pilot colors in a similar fashion for comparison. There are no colors that will appear exactly the same in various color spaces, however a close approximation is desirable. The swatches on this page display a very close similarity one to another. It should also be noted that, as these swatches are being displayed on the web, you are viewing them in the RGB color space. That limitation means it is impossible for you to see them exactly as they would be in print, but viewing the swatches relative to one another is still a good way to get an idea of how much variation you may expect.

Pantone 179
Pantone 382
Pantone 185
Pantone 144
Pantone 123
Pantone 306
Pantone 3395
Pantone 294
Pilot Purple
Pilot Green
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