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The IPL Education Institute™ has been formed to disseminate information about treatments with intense pulsed light. Many applications with intense pulsed light have been found and more will likely follow.

It is our hope to be on the forefront of this technology in the removal of hair, veins and pigmentation.


Knowledgeable Technologist = Excellent Results = Successful Practice

The goal of the IPL Educational Institute™ is to give professionals a better understanding of the effects of IPL on skin tissue, hair, and vascular structures. Our mission is to be on the forefront of IPL technology in the removal of hair, vein and pigmentation blemishes. Additionaly, we are committed to sharing our knowledge, thus improving the skills of physicians, allowing them to get better results and increase patient satisfaction.


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The IPL Education Institute™ presents several one-day seminars on Epifacial™ or non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

Conditions such as rosacea, facial skin veins, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots as well as fine wrinkles, acne scarring and open pores are treated. Port wine stains and angiomata can also be treated.

Fundamentals of light skin interaction as well as treatment parameters for each condition will be explained. The equipment used will be Epilight™, Multilight™ and Vasculight™ systems.

Upon completion of the seminar, particiapnts will be qualified to treat a variety of facial conditions, and all will be licensed to use thte Epifacial™ trademark.

The instructions will be carried by the developers of this technology, Franklin Johnson, M.D. and Maria DoVale, C.M.A. Carla Silva, M.A. will also participate.




Franklin Johnson, M.D. Medical Director of The Long Island Center for Hair, Vein and Cellulite Removal
Assistant attending Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, N.Y.

Maria DoVale, C.M.A. Associate Director of The Long Island Center for Hair, Vein and Cellulite Removal
Member of The Excellence with Epilight™ Group:
Instructor of the IPL Institute

Carla Silva, M.A. Clinical Manager of the Long Island Center for Hair, Vein and Cellulite Removal


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